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Mike Aviation Productions

Professional Aerial Photography In Birmingham

Local drone pilots supplying stunning aerial footage, all CAA accredited.

Contact person : Michael Lawrence

Company name : Mike Aviation Productions

Mike Aviation Productions use the latest Drone/UAV technology in order to capture really stunning aerial photos. With vertical heights of up to 400ft and a wide field of view, we are able to capture a vast amount of space which would be impossible to achieve from regular landscape photography.

Our drones are attached with a 3 axis gimbal system in order to keep the camera steady in the sky, ensuring stable professional footage is captured every time. With a fixed camera which films at up to 4K Ultra HD resolution, we are able to produce cinematic content at a competitive price with high end production budget feel.

Mike Aviation Productions have vast experience with assisting an array of different companies with their promotional content, we're always working effectively alongside our clients consulting them on the best manner in which we can achieve their aerial requirements.

Mike Aviation Productions is based in Birmingham but we also reside from the Greater Manchester area. Our drone pilots are all licensed, we have permissions for aerial work from the CAA and the relevant insurance. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.


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Professional Aerial Photography In Birmingham

Birmingham, UK

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