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Aircam Surveys Ltd.

Professional Aerial Photography In East Grinstead

Local drone pilots supplying stunning aerial footage, all CAA accredited.

Contact person : Martin J Cobb

Company name : Aircam Surveys Ltd.

Aircam Surveys Ltd. was established to provide a professional, but affordable, specialistaerial photographic service utilising UAVs (drones!).

We have a small fleet of drones and their ground equipment set up for specific tasks with operators experienced and proficient in 3D mapping &modelling, industrial plant inspections, sports videography. property marketing, agricultural surveys, weddings and media & broadcast. Our projects can be anything from generating sophisticated, geo-referenced 3D models of coastlines and flood plains for tracking change over time to small portfolios of photographs for high-quality property marketing.

We, of course,have a full CAA Permit For Aerial Work and appropriate £5M commercial aviation public liability insurance.

We typically operate anywhere within the UK but, having recently accepted a job in the Caribbean, we are happy to discuss foreign work as well!


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Professional Aerial Photography In East Grinstead

East Grinstead, UK

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